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iPad Wall Mount is a robust and vandal proof Kiosk solution for iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad AIR 1, 2, which is also suitable for Android Tablets with 9,7” screen. iPad enclosure is made of materials that create absolutely no reduction to 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. iPad or Android Tablet with 9,7” screen can be plugged in and charging when mounted inside WallMount-2 enclosure, while power cable is safely hidden inside the enclosure.

iPad enclosure Kiosk 100% compatible with iPad AIR

Make the best of your iPads with WallMount

Nowadays iPads and other Tablet PCs are among the most popular electronic portable devices all over the world. Initially used only for web-surfing, reading and gaming, gradually together with development of various applications, iPads became an inherent part of interior for offices, classrooms, shops, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas etc.

Demand for reliable iPad mounts, holders and floor stands, able to protect Tablets from vandalism and theft is growing every day.

Due to our vast experience in wide range of iPad and Tablet PCs applications iDisplay team can offer a perfect fit solution for any requirement and meet the highest demands of our customers.

Wallmount-2 iPad Kiosk is the most cost-effective solution for iPad installations at classrooms, libraries, shops, hotels, exhibitions, coffee-shops and restaurants and many other public places. Simple and robust design of iPad Wall Mount allows to use 100% of iPad or Android Tablet PC functionalities and protects it from any kind of damage or abuse.

Our iPad Kiosk easily adapts to your environment

Wide range of iPad applications demands extra flexibility from Tablet PC Kiosks and Enclosures. Without any additional costs, Wallmount-2 can be easily and safely fixed at any flat vertical surface like wall, shop counters front and many others.

iPad enclosure can be fixed either in Album or Portrait orientation.

Depending on particular application, iPad enclosure face plate can be supplied with Camera and Home Button openings to allow using Tablet PC capabilities to the full extent. iPad enclosure Face plate without Home button opening is a good solution in case only single application is to run on a Tablet.

Placed inside Kiosk Enclosure and thus protected from theft and vandalism, iPad becomes a perfect platform for Digital signage of all kinds: interactive catalogues, restaurant menus, traveler’s guides, pricelists and other sources of useful information.

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The iPad Kiosk is compatible with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPad and iPad Air

The iPad Kiosk creates no reduction to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal strength

The iPad can be plugged in and charging while mounted inside the Kiosk

Quick to install, Easy to operate

WallMount-2 for iPads and Tablets with 9,7” screen consists of 3 main components: Steel mounting bracket, iPad enclosure, Enclosure faceplate.

iPad Kiosk WallMount-2 can be quickly assembled and fixed on any flat surface:
1. Fix attach the iPad enclosure to the mounting bracket in required orientation (Album or Portrait) by provided assembly screws;
2. Feed the power cable through special openings provided at the back of the iPad enclosure and the mounting bracket;
3. Place your iPad inside the enclosure and plugin the power cable;
4. Cover the iPad with the Faceplate and fix it with 6 assembly screws

The metal bracket has 4 mounting holes meant to fix the iPad Kiosk on any flat Vertical or Horizontal position.

iPad Kiosk WallMount-2 assembly and installation takes less than 5 minutes. All necessary assembly tools are provided as a part of the package.

iPad Kiosk comes standard with:

1 х Faceplate with Home Button opening / with Home Button and Camera openings / without openings;
1 х iPad enclosure;
1 х Mounting bracket;
1 х Set of assembly screws.


Length 331 mm
225 mm
Width 300 mm
Angle of inclination 45 deg
Distance from the wall 90 mm
VESA 75 yes
Material ABS plastic

Brand identity

In case of bulk orders iPad Kioks can be supplied with company logos and other brand identities made as stickers, metal plates or by means of silk-screen printing.