Tablet Security Mount – FlipMount-1

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This Tablet Security Mount with 180 degrees tilt and 360 degrees rotation function allows cashier to turn the tablet to the customer when it’s required. iPad Desk Top Kiosk protects your tablet from theft. Being completely tamper-resistant iPad kiosk is a perfect platform for interactive catalogues, restaurant menus, traveler’s guides, pricelists etc.

Nowadays iPads and other Tablet PCs are among the most popular electronic portable devices all over the world. Initially used only for web-surfing, reading and gaming, gradually together with development of various applications, iPads became an inherent part of interior for offices, classrooms, shops, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas etc.

Demand for reliable iPad mounts, holders and floor stands, able to protect Tablets from vandalism and theft is growing every day.

Tablet Security Mount is 100% compatible with iPad AIR/AIR2

List of compatible Tablets:

  1. iPad 2/3/4;
  2. iPad AIR;
  3. iPad AIR 2;
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7;
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7.


Landscape & Portrait – 360 Tablet Security Mount allows you to easily rotate your Tablet between portrait and landscape modes for use with any application available.

Flip-over - This counter-top Tablet Security Mount has full screen tilt that allows you to reverse the screen to show your customer, visitor, or clientele any information they would need to know.

Robust and Secure – iPad enclosure is made of the strongest ABS plastic. There is also Kensington security slot provided at the backside of the enclosure to guarantee safety of the Tablet.

Wi-Fi & 3G/4G – unlike other enclosure made of metal, this iPad enclosure is plastic and absolutely radio-transparent. It doesn’t create any disturbance for Wireless signals and thus provides maximum range and data exchange rate.

Access options – depending on application requirements iPad and Android Tablet Security Mount can be supplied with 1 of 4 faceplate options:

  • Faceplate with Home button opening;
  • Faceplate with Home button and Camera openings;
  • Faceplate without openings;
  • Faceplate with Camera opening.

Brand identity

In case of bulk orders Tablet Security Mount - FlipMount-1 can be supplied with company logos and other brand identities made as stickers, metal plates or by means of silk-screen printing.