Secure iPad Enclosure – Lock & Stand 97

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Keep any iPad tablet secure with this locking iPad security case, attached keyed cable lock tether, and multipurpose flip-out ring stand. Safely adapt your iPad to any environment at an unprecedented price point. Safely locked inside our slim and light weight Secure iPad Enclosure, your Tablet is still easy to use, but impossible to take away.

This Secure iPad Enclosure is usefull for applications where User needs to hold the Tablet in his hands. In spite of the fact that iPad is not fixed to a particular spot, it's still safe. Armoured cable attached to Secure iPad Enclosure by means of Kensinhton lock guarantees that your Tablet won't go anywhere. The other end of the cable can be fixed to any heavy weight object or simply screwed down to a spot.

Versatile Flip-Out Ring Stand

The ingenious flip-out ring is this locking iPad stand’s crowning glory. It provides users with 360 degree rotation and locks in 8 positions making it seamless to hold, hand over and display content at any angle. The ring stand also includes a rubberized surface touchpoint which provides added grip and stability as a locking iPad table stand during stationary use on a flat surface.

POS on All iPad Models

This iPad stand and lock is compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini (excluding iPad Mini 4), iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2. Purchase and attach a card reader to turn your iPad into a fully secured mobile tablet POS system. 3.5 headphone jack as well as power cable connection remain open. So not only any kind of card reader can be connected to your iPad, but it also can be mounted on a docking station.

Secure iPad enclosure

Made from a durable polycarbonate shell with rubber reinforcements, this iPad locking holder provides excellent drop and shock protection at heights up to five feet. This product includes the iPad locking case, metal tether cable case lock, and flip-out ring stand. The combined form and function make this iPad secure stand an excellent choice for retail environments, educational institutions, and clinical environments.