iPad Secure Holder – Arris 97

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Desktop iPad Secure Holder Arris 97 is perfect for iPad AIR 1 & 2 as well as any other tablets with similar dimensions (240x170x9 mm). Tablet holder design also allows to connect power cable to your iPad, and thus your Tablet PC will powered throughtout the day.

Similar Tablet Secure mounts for other screen sizes like 10,1", 7", 8" can be manufactured based on MOQ conditions.

iPad Secure Holder Arris 97 is 100% compatible with iPad AIR/AIR2 as well as any other tablets with similar dimensions

Arris 97 Stand for iPad AIR is a combination of nice looks with robust frame securing your Tablet. Made of high grade steel Arris 97 iPad mount holds your iPad at the best posible angle to POS applications. Secutiry of the iPad mounted inside Arris 97 is guaranteed by 4 tamper-resistant screws, so you wouldn't have to worry about its safety.

More over you can fix your iPad Secure Holder Arris 97 to any flat surface by means of 4 screws. The baseplate of the Arris 97 iPad holder also has a hole to thread power cable through it to avoid cable clutter.

Make the best of your iPads iPad Secure Holder

Nowadays iPads and other Tablet PCs is one of the most popular electronic portable devices all over the world. Initially used only for web-surfing, reading and gaming, gradually together with development of various applications, iPads became an inherent part of interior for offices, classrooms, shops, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas etc.

Demand for reliable iPad mounts, holders and floor stands, able to protect Tablets from vandalism and theft is growing every day.

Due to our vast experience in wide range of iPad and Tablet PCs applications iDisplay team can offer a perfect fit solution for any requirement and meet the highest demands of our customers.

Arris 97 iPad Secure Holder is one of the most cost-effective solutions for iPad installations at classrooms, libraries, shops, hotels, exhibitions, coffee-shops and restaurants and many other public places. Simple and robust design of Arris 97 iPad secure holder allows to use 100% of iPad or Android Tablet PC functionalities and protects it from any kind of damage or abuse.