iPad mini Desk Stand – TabHolder DeskMount-1 mini

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iPad mini Desk Stand Lockable Kiosk is equipped with a lock allowing easy access to the tablet for the authorized personnel.

This iPad mini Desk Stand or 7,85" - 8" Tablet Kiosk is meant to be mounted on low height horizontal surfaces such as desks, counters, coffee tables etc. placing the tablet screen under 30° angle towards user.

It is designed for easy installation and high security for tablet used in business and public. Being completely tamper-resistant iPad kiosk is a perfect platform for interactive catalogues, restaurant menus, traveler’s guides, pricelists etc.

iPad mini Desk Stand  is 100% compatible with iPad mini or 7,85" - 8" Tablet Kiosk


Robust and Secure – iPad enclosure is made of the strongest ABS plastic. There is also Kensington security slot provided at the backside of the enclosure to guarantee safety of the Tablet.

Cable inside – Cable goes inside through pipe into the enclosure. Thus it’s protected and the whole installation looks neat and solid.

Lock up capability – Simple “Push-lock” and unlock with key mechanism.

All in one: Desk Top and Wall Mount – iPad mini Desk Stand enclosure Kiosk can be easily installed both on the walls and desk tops.

Wi-Fi & 3G/4G – unlike other enclosure made of metal, this iPad enclosure is plastic and absolutely radio-transparent. It doesn’t create any disturbance for Wireless signals and thus provides maximum range and data exchange rate.

Mount options - iPad mini Desk Stand Kiosk can be bolted down to any horizontal or vertical flat surface.

Access options – depending on application requirements iPad mini Desk Stand Lockable Mount can be supplied with 1 of 4 faceplate options:

  • Faceplate with Home button opening;
  • Faceplate with Home button and Camera openings;
  • Faceplate without openings;
  • Faceplate with Camera opening.

Portrait or landscape orientation – iPad mini Desk Stand Kiosk mount can be fixed either in Portrait or Landscape orientation depending on your preferences.