DeskMount для офисов

Nowadays iPads and Tablet PCs are an inherent part of our everyday lives. Modern Tablets help us to instantly access any kind of information. Moreover many gestures that we perform using our iPads, like swipes, scrolling or spreading has already become our reflex habits. So it’s natural that tablets are widely used in different activities and business processes. It’s easier and more cost-effective to display visual information about your products and services using electronic devices. You can instantly make changes and safe money on printing paper brochures, catalogues and various banners.  More and more often we use iPads or touch screen displays installed in hotel lobbies, restaurants and railway stations to get required information.

DeskMount для офисов

iDisplay team is happy to offer you a wide range of vandal proof, secure mounts and floor stands for iPads and Tablet PCs, that could be installed at any kind of public places like hotels, shops, railway stations, cafes, restaurants, bars, museums, banks, exhibition halls etc.

Our iPad mounts and floor stands perfectly fit into any kind of interior. Placed inside tamper proof enclosure of the Desktop mount or Floor Stand, iPad is secured from any kind of abuse as well as its power cable and other important elements like switch off or home buttons. Hence Tablet becomes a perfect platform for displaying various useful information including ads and commercials.

Any model of our iPad wall and desktop holders as well as Floor Stands include a Kiosk enclosure for Tablet itself and special mount by means of which the whole unit can be securely fixed on any kind of vertical or horizontal surface. iPad Kiosk enclosures are made of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G signal transparent materials. You can also choose black or white color, as well as order some special painting for your iPad mount complying your brand book or interior. You can also order faceplates with Home Button and Camera openings.

Car showrooms

It’s very convenient to display detailed information about a car on a Tablet screen placed nearby. iPad Floor Stand becomes a nice replacement for a sales manager, providing all necessary information on a vehicle design and key parameters. Your Customer will easily select a perfect color for his future car and calculate its price with all required additional option using an iPad or Android Tablet. iPad Floor Stand placed near a car will help your Customer to make his mind. Thus your Sales stuff can concentrate on the most important tasks and rest assured that every single customers’ query has  been clarified.

Exhibitions and Museums

iPad based information kiosk decorated with banners and equipped with brochures and catalogues holders becomes a perfect solution for applications where you need to provide detailed information about your company and products in public locations. Such an iPad Stand attracts visitors and focuses their attention on your brand. Besides combination of high tech and interactive visuals will emphasize an image of a modern and advanced company.  Tablet based interactive solutions reach out to your potential customers and hence attracts them to your company and its products.

Restaurants and Cafes
Display your restaurant menu full of yummy items’ photos on an iPad screen, add detailed item descriptions and recipes, configure ads and commercials and show upcoming events digest — all this will increase your Guests loyalty and raise your average bill. Besides collecting orders from Tablets fixed in secure iPad Mounts helps to provide your Guests with prompt service and reduces staff costs. You can place iPads on tables and install a couple of them near the entrance so your Customers could easily make take a way orders. This arrangements will upgrade your restaurant and attract new Guests.

Shopping malls and Stores
Nowadays it’s quiet easy to get lost in numerous halls and passages of a contemporary mall. Needless to say that locating particular boutique among hundreds of brands is not a simple task either. But this problem can be easily solved. Just install an iPad Floor Stands around the mall with a map application so that your Visitors could always determine their current location and navigate to the destination shop. Moreover you can display any advertising content and special promotions from brands presented in your mall.